Onguent Eternel - Boutique Coloré par Rodolphe

Onguent Eternel

200 ml 6.7 fl. Oz

A mask for coloured or highlighted hair. This deep nourishing treatment revitalizes hair without sacrificing volume. Protects colour from degradation due to UVA/UVB rays. Beauty mask for dry and fragile hair,  this treatment offers optimal and immediate hydration for healthy hair.

Directions Two possible ways of applying
- Before shampooing head apply to dry hair thoroughly and leave for 20 minutes
- After shampooing head towel dry and vigorously apply to hair and leave for 10 minutes
For very frizzy or curly hair when rinsing do not fully rinse leaving small amount of product on hair.

Rodolphe’s advise For a deep nourishing treatment mix “ L’Onguent Éternel ” and dry oil “ Le Rituel “ and apply this mix to hair leaving it on all night.

This intense nourishing mask contains Baobab oil and an anti-aging protein complex specifically conceived for highlighted or colored hair. L’Onguent Eternel hydrates and nourishes the hair. It revitalizes and regenerates the hair to restore a very smooth, shiny appearance while oxygenating and balancing the scalp for an optimal volume.

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