Le Carpe Diem - Boutique Coloré par Rodolphe

Le Carpe Diem

200 ml 6.7 fl. Oz

Formerly Le Carpe Diem, this repairing shampoo is conceived around plant proteins that deeply hydrate and mineralize dry hair. For an even more striking result use after “ L’Onguent Gourmand “.

Directions Use three times a week apply a coin size portion to wet hair massage scalp for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Rodolphe’s advise The night before you shampoo your hair apply abundantly “ Le Rituel “ overnight as a deep treatment.


Formerly Le Carpe Diem, this repairing shampoo contains plants proteins. It deeply hydrates and remineralizes the hair. It can be used every day for a smooth and silky result, without weighing down. Massage for two minutes for even more benefits. Rinse thoroughly.

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