Rodolphe pour Kydra by Phyto

Spring/Summer Collection 2018 by Rodolphe

Collection printemps / été

From my childhood, I still have an exquisite caress… the colors!

Sitting at the edge of the water under a protective sun, I dreamed of capturing them, touching them to feel an osmosis between them and me.

All this prism of vibrant and powerful tropical colors, gold, sand and fruits.

Colors of my origins, colors of my dreams these elusive moments made my hands shudder.

Martinique, you remain my sorcerer!


Exotic colors, grains of sand and burning tree

Exotic colors

I remember exotic colors, acidulated.

Beautiful lemons, carambola, pineapple, mangos, papayas growing in our garden, a little corner of paradise, with delicate scents of vanilla flowers.

Grains of sand

Cradled by the waves and the trade winds, I tried in vain to imprison this sand fleeing between my fingers.

Only this sparkle of iridescent colors persisted on a Caribbean blue sea, pleasure of the eyes, color of my childhood…

The burning tree

Not far away, proudly enthroned the tree with burning sap.

Sensual, dangerous, untouchable, the Mancenillier watched over my child’s play.

King tree of the beaches of Martinique, its subtle colors, warm and cold, are a call to bewitchment, to contemplation.

Sensation of the magic of the nonpalpable color…

Rodolphe for Kydra by Phyto

Rodolphe pour Kydra by Phyto
Tropic Chic by Rodolphe
Collection p/e 2018
Kydra by Phyto
Kydra by PhytoKydra by Phyto