The Salon Coloré par Rodolphe

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  • Salon 26-28 rue Danielle Casanova Paris 2e
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  • Subway Opéra, Pyramides or Tuileries

Opening hours

  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Closed on Mondays

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  • Haircut, Brushing from 135 €
  • Haircut for man 70 €
  • Haircut for child 50 €
  • Brushing long hair from 70 €
  • Brushing short hair 60 €


  • Colour Poivre et Sel from 650 €
  • Highlights by Rodolphe from 310 €
  • Highlights by a salon colourist from 185 €
  • Colour by Rodolphe from 200 €
  • Colour by a salon colourist from 150 €
  • Natural colour from180 €
  • Colour for man from 100 €
  • Colour Poivre et Sel for man from 170 €


  • After highlights or colour treatment 30 €
  • Sebum regulating treatment 40 €
  • Anti hair loss treatment for woman 70 €
  • Anti hair loss preventive treatment for man 60 €
  • Hair botox treatment 75 €
  • Deep hydrating treatment for hair 80 €
  • Hand beauty, Manicure 45 €
  • Foot beauty 60 €

Care Products

Our line of capillary care products: The collection Coloré by Rodolphe is also available at selected retailers…

  • Coloré par Rodolphe Salon Paris 2e
  • La Pharmacie Anglaise* Store Paris 8e
  • La Pharmacie Carré Opéra/Antin* Store Paris 9e
  • Online Shop online
  • * Cache-cache Racines only

    Discover the hair professionals composed by Rodolphe


    Hair colourist and Capillary expert

    Aïda : hair colourist and  capillary expert

    Haircare by Aïda. After working 18 years as a hair care expert for Camille Darmon, Parisian reputed institute, Aïda has for many years studied the hair in its pure form and used all her skills to restore life and matter to devitalized hair by addressing the root causes and getting impressive results in restoring hair to its aesthetic code, a status symbol and its seduction.

    With her experience Aïda quickly became the reference of expertise and recognition and is now international known and this is how many women and men from all walks of life come to her to obtain valuable advice and find the solution to their hair problems. From far and discreetly I followed the course of this capillary expert when I was at Alexandre de Paris, she always impressed me with the results I witnessed.

    The idea to combine our skills seemed obvious I colored and Aïda I took care of the material, it is a perfect combination of form and substance, a humanists would say « a healthy mind in a healthy body… ». Throughout this wonderful collaboration I wanted to initiate Aïda to the world of colour and with time she would becomes a reference herself in the magical world of colour and thus was born Aïda the first hair healer colorist to resume her « a beautiful colour on a healthy hair… ».



    Isabelle : hairdresser

    The story of my encounter with Isabelle goes back to the year 1988, when I first met her at Alexandre de Paris, since the we have been working at each others side, I could not imagine my story without her.

    Having benefited from the teachings of our master: Mr. Alexandre it is always with the same passion as the first day I met that she excels as a hair dresser and practices her art at Coloré par Rodolphe as an independent hairdresser.



    Jérôme : hairdresser

    First hairdresser for Coloré par Rodolphe, Jérôme is also a very talented photographer, which gives him an expert eye for incomparable woman.

    Always listening, his pair of scissors has become a classic.



    Stéphane : hairdresser

    Stéphane is an encounter between a hairdresser and a colourist which dates back 30 years at the legendary salon of Bruno Pittini.

    His passion for women dates back to when he was a student of Bruno Pittini and a few years later became a figaro at Carita.

    More than a hairdresser, he is the one who listens, plans and proposes, dialogue is essential for him.

    Stéphane is the metaphor of a promise, a benevolent eye, his willing ear and expertise will become the guarantors of your attitude.

    Tom d’Orian


    Tom d’Orian : hairdresser

    Independent hairdresser, Tom is the globetrotter out of all of us.

    He is often traveling between Paris, Italy, and Saudi Arabia and when in Paris we share a wonderful time with him and his international clientele.


    Hair colourist

    Peggy : hair colourist

    Peggy is my « Dauphine » how I like to call her, she is my first assistant always by my side, she has become an expert on colour.

    Her highlights Jr. are greatly appreciated by young women so it was natural that we would imagine a concept for our young clientele wanting highlights for the first time, we have coined it “ My first time with Peggy ”.



    Thavy : manicurist

    Thavy acquired her experience by working at salons, fashion and photo shows, her keen eye to decrypt colour trends make her a perfect ally for our salon.

    Through her work with hands Thavy transports us to a world of nails where they can shine and take their importance.

    Salon Coloré par RodolpheSalon Coloré par Rodolphe