Rodolphe Hair colourist

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A few words about Rodolphe

The fact that Rodolphe spent his childhood in the colorful world of Martinique is certainly at the origin of his love of color, as well as his watercolorist grandmother.

After a brief passage through Strasbourg and Nancy, Rodolphe soon evolved into “ the big leagues ” working with Bruno Pittini and Alexandre de Paris where he emerged as a talented colorist that the Stars began to talk about.

Rodolphe then decided to fly on his own, he became the master of his own salon apartment lounge dedicated to color: “ Coloré par Rodolphe ”, located close to the Place Vendôme and decorated with impeccable taste, it's godmother Juliette Greco.

In his salon Rodolphe works color to the smallest variations and does not hesitate to give his clients tips on how to maintain their color at home, because women do not want to be slaves to their hairdresser.

This is not the only paradox since Rodolphe also reserves the right to say no to a client that has a nice natural color, « there's not just me which colors but the sun and the sea… ».

Rodolphe Coloré par Rodolphe